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My wife and I want to take an opportunity to greet you.  Thanks for investigating our website.

If I could boil down our passion at New Life into one word, that word would be transformation.

Our desire is to see your life transformed by Christ.

We don't just want your life to be better.  We're not here for simple behavior modification.  We don't exist so we can check the box that says we went to church this Sunday.  We want to see God totally and radically change your life.  We believe that's exactly what Jesus came to do.  He came to radically alter our status.

Everything we do drives toward that goal.  From our local initiatives to our family ministries to our global outreach, we seek to share the same life change that we've experienced with the world around us.

We'd invite you to be a part of this exciting journey.

If you have questions about what you find on the website, feel free to .

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Josh & Tasha Willaford

Lead Pastors

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